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Kenton County

Property Valuation Administrator

Property Assessment

Below you will find brief descriptions of the types of property the Property Valuation Administration is responsible for assessing. You can find more information about any of these types of properties or the assessment processes related to these types of properties by clicking on the links below.

Residential Property

The Kenton County PVA is responsible for applying a reasonable market value to about 36,000 residential properties in Kenton County as of January 1st of each year.

Property is assessed per KRS 132.20 on January 1st of each year. The information listed on the Kenton County PVA website reflects the most current data available to the PVA office. If you believe any data provided is inaccurate, or if you have any comments about this site, please contact our office.

While the Office of the Property Valuation Administrator has attempted to ensure that the data contained on our website is accurate and reflects the property’s characteristics, the PVA makes no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, completeness, reliability, or suitability of this data. The Kenton County PVA does not assume any liability associated with the use or misuse of this data.

What's happening with the PVA?

New 2014 digital aerial photographs are here!

Ascent  Ascent

Aerial “oblique” photograph of the Ascent (left).
Aerial “ortho” photograph (right) located in downtown Covington.
2014 Aerial imagery provided by Pictometry.

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Office of the Kenton County PVA
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303 Court Street, Room 210
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Phone: (859) 392-1750
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We continuously strive to anticipate the information our customers may need on our website, however, if you find we are missing information that might be of benefit to you, please contact us via email at info.kentonpva@kentoncounty.org